Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seriously cute!!!yes they are pit bulls

So this is a friend of mine who has adopted 2 pit bulls ! I am proud to share her experience with you all!!

I use to be scared of pitbulls, scared due to my lack of knowledge and ignorance in my part due to what people had told me, and now I cant begin to imagine my life without sugar and nala. Sugar being a rescue dog, seeing everything she has been through and all the scars she has, she has done nothing more than shown me such love and loyalty. She reminds me of me some days, scars and still capable of love. Nala just one year old and does not have one aggressive bone in her body. All she wants is kisses and cuddles all day. I have seen more aggressive mini dogs than pitbulls, and wish people would stop giving them such bad reps, these two have saved me in so many ways! At the end of the day all they want is ur love and cuddles. Like little babies! And we are blessed to have them! 

Tell me would you run away from this? I wouldn't!

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